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Light Blue Fabric Couch Cover | Pet Proof

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Light Blue Fabric Couch Cover | Pet Proof

Want to recover your old, worn-out furniture? No need for expensive sofa reupholstery. Not only our Couch Covers will protect your furniture from wear and tear, but these amazing Couch Covers will also transform your furniture into the stunning centerpiece of your room!

  • Stretchable fabric.

    The high stretchable fabric provides our Couch Covers with a clean, sleek look that goes on easily and stays in place.

  • Protect from stains & spills.

    Our Couch Covers protect your sofa from general wear and tear, stains and spillages. Perfect for those with little ones or pets!

  • Machine Washable.

    All of our Couch Covers are machine washable meaning you can wash and refit your sofa covers for a fresh look, time after time.

  • Fits most furniture.

    It suits most sofa types, and are best for leather couches, including L-Shaped and U-Shaped Couches.

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What Size of Couch Cover Do I Need?

Need to know what size Couch Cover you need? Our couch covers come in 4 sizes. Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Measure your sofa from arm to arm as shown in the images below.

Make sure you measure from the edge of the arm rests if present, like in the image below. If your sofa doesn't have arm rests, just measure to the very edge. Once you have your measurement just match it up with the right cover. All Pillowcases are 45x45cm. Please note that L-shaped and U-shaped couches will require more than one cover.

*Please go one size larger than measured, as excess can simply be tucked away.

*If your sofa has a high back over 100cm, please choose one size larger*

Measurement Guidelines for Single Couches.


Single Seat: A to A measures 90-140cm


Two Seater: A to A measures 145-185cm


Three Seater: A to A measures 190-230cm


Four Seater: A to A measures 235-300cm


Measurement Guidelines For L-Shaped & U-Shaped Couches

L-Shaped and U-Shaped sofas require more than one cover. Split your sofa into sections and measure each one. So for example, if you have an L-Shaped Sofa and A-A measures 100cm and B-B measures 196cm. You need to order 1 x Small cover and 1 x Medium cover.


Requires 2 x Sofa Covers



Requires 3 x Sofa Covers