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I ordered the navy blue slipcovers in the 1 and 2 sizes. They worked perfectly. And more importantly, the vendor reached out to check on my order and helped me make an adjustment when I needed it.

Excellent quality! The seams are even. The material is very high quality. Directions for washing are attached. The sizes fit perfectly, measured according to the size chart. Ordered on January 26, received a package on Feb 15. I highly recommend both the product and the seller!

A little small I couldn't line it up with the armchair arms seams I did no followed the measurement instructions.

Easy to put on, super soft! My animals love it

Really nice looking, but very hard to put on correctly.

Excellent quality and the size described corresponded. It took a short time to get there. Highly recommended seller.

Same as picture. I love it. Be mindful of the measurements of your own sofa though.

Good quality. Shipping was very fast. Highly recommended

We have custom sofa that I naively bought in an off white color- it’s a major chore to keep clean and ends up needing to be professionally done. I tried the covers for pets but they needed constant adjusting and weren’t very attractive or comfortable. This looks like a new couch!!! So soft and comfy to sit on as well. We have one for our chair too.

Super cute cover. And really stretchy and covers the color underneath. You will have to work with the material to make sure the excess material gets tucked or use some pins. I got some cheap couches and used these covers to get them to fit with my decor. Definitely something to try if you don't want to throw away your furniture.

Excellent fabric, Perfectly fit on our 3 seater couch.

Pros: the couch cover is super soft! It doesn't collect cat hair like I thought it would, which is nice! (My cats love to sleep on these covers) Cons: I ordered the dark gray couch cover, but that is not what this color is.. it definitely has a strong blue tone in it, which clashed with my turquoise curtains and all of the pillows I had for the original couch. It's a simple fix, just bought a few cheap pillows that matched better, but still... it would've been nice if it were dark gray (as advertised). I also can't seem to get these tubes that came with the covers to stay tucked into the couch. Every time someone sits down, all of the tubes just slip right out. This is definitely an annoyance, but I plan to use couch pins to secure the cover to the couch itself. As you can see in the photo, I've used fabric screws to secure the bottom of the cover to the couch, if you don't fasten it down, It will ride up. I also have scratch guards on the corners of the couch in the picture, so just ignore those. Overall, the product is worth buying. All issues can be fixed, and it's a great price. I don't recommend buying the dark gray color unless you want your couch to be dark gray/blue.

I have mixed emotions about this product. I love the fabric; its soft and comfortable. It turned a rough couch into a comfy one. I never napped on this couch before I got this cover and now I love it. I also love the design; it goes perfect with my living room and has really transformed the space. What I don't like is the tie straps aren't that great, doesn't really hold it in place much. The fabric moves a lot so adjustments are made daily which can be frustrating after a long day. Although I love the fabrics softness it also worries me that it will begin to fray if I wash it. It already has signs of wear and I don't want to make it worse so I plan to only spot treat it if needed and febreeze it. I really dislike that it only comes with 1 throw pillow cover and they dont offer that pattern to buy as a separate item. I'm willing to pay for more its just not an option. It would be great if they could make it one though. Overall a good product and for me its worth it. I plan to buy another one if something happens to this one

Great product, exactly as described, nice fabric.

I had to purchase twice. I would suggest you go a size up if you want the extra cloth so you can tuck it in between the cushions and have that second “skin” look.

The fabric is thin, elastic, well takes shape. Sofa as new. Fast shipping.

product is as described, I arrive well packed and perfectly fits the sofa, which really surprised me as I didn't expect it to look so good, actually. The fabric is very elastic and soft to the touch. Very satisfied. I recommend it.

My couch is leather and my cats love scratching it! so here is the before and after picture! i love it! its so soft and feels like a brand new couch! fits perfectly! thank you all so much!

It came in 3 weeks. Products are like they are described. I’m very satisfied

10/10 would buy again! This product is so soft! Like seriously, want sheets made of this. It was easy to install although I did have to use hand towels instead of the foam pieces it comes with for by the arms. It looks like the picture and seems to be made well. Honestly I’ll probably buy more in other patterns so I can switch them out and wash them (because pets 😆)

Again beautiful! this is my second order and I totally love everything about these covers. well sewn, soft velvet stretchy material. very quick shipping. thank you seller. i recommend!

Easy way to place. Good quality Material. Recommended. I arrive in Mexico City in less than 20 days. Very attentive seller in the face of doubt helps you.